A note from Everglades resident Brit Williams::


"Hi my name is Brit and I have no worldly idea WHY those fat cats in Warshington would want to drain OUR SWAMPS. The first time I heard a one Ron O. Reagan use this terrifying decree back in '83, I nearly fell out of my fanboat. Alas, here we are decades later, and my greatest nightmare, second only to old Scruggy the snapping turtle eating my baby brother again, this campaign platform has returned and is on the forked tip of everyone's tongue. That's why I, Brittain M. Williams, will be running for any office that will have me, and I need YOUR HELP to spread the word to the cities and boglands across the U.S.A."

#DontDrainTheSwamp - Campaign Launch

"This is the first video that my nephew Kyle and his friend Jacob helped me do. As you can see I AM FIRED UP and even threaten others with my net gun, which I admit was out of line. As in, I didn't have any extra net ammo at the time. luckily not a single Warshington fat cat decided to call my bluff, and you BEST BELIEVE I've been to the bait & tackle barge between then and now."   


"For this video my cousin Jesse, who has such a passion for learning that he stayed behind in grade school until they physically had to remove him, helped me put words together and glide home all the different creatures that would be left bogless if Warshington had it's way."

#Gators #Crawdaddies #skunkapes #frogs

#DontDrainTheSwamp - Call to Action

"If you're good with computers, I now ask that you use pound sign #dontdraintheswamp via tweeter, instergram, facebooks and all the other WWW dots you can think of to send the fat cats a message, that I have never not stood by my word and will not never give up on my beloved boglands."

#DontDrainTheSwamp - get to know brit

"My nephew Kyle thought it would be a good idea to make another little movie so that anyone as passionate about swamps as me will know that I'm the REAL DILL."

#dontdraintheswamp - Fever dream

This one is spooky as all heck.