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"Welcome to the Talkin' Taunton web page. I'm Timmy DiMartino and this is the Talkin' Taunton web page. Please look at all of my special reports and news segments below."


Talkin' Cats

Timmy introduces you to his boy cat, Governor William Weld.

Thanksgiving Day Electric Football

Timmy let's you in on an age old Taunton tradition.

What's Up with the Dunkin' Donuts Name Change?

Timmy pounds the pavement to ask Tauntonians their thoughts on one of the biggest controviersies to hit New England since deflategate.

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Timmy DiMartino on Boston News

Timmy gets interviewed on abc channel 5 WCVB about the Red Sox World Series at Sonny McCleans in Santa Monica,  ca. #talkintaunton #timmydimartino

Timmy DiMartino Reads The History of Taunton

Book enthusiast Timmy DiMartino reads the History of Taunton by Dr William Hannah, second edition.

#talkintaunton with Timmy DiMartino

Your latest news from Taunton video journalist, Timmy DiMartino.

#talkintaunton with Timmy DiMartino - Norm Abrams

More #taunton #news from Timmy DiMartino

#talkintaunton with Timmy DiMartino - Taunton News

Your favorite local journalist, Timmy DiMartino shares his hot take on the news beat.

#talkintaunton - Timmy DiMartino News Updates

Timmy lends his perspective on the hottest local news stories from Taunton, MA. With a special appearance from local Taunton wrestling legend The Iberian Pony.

#talkintaunton with Timmy DiMartino - Lobster Races

Welcome once again to Talkin' Taunton...

#talkintaunton with Timmy DiMartino Compilation 9/17/18

The latest Taunton news from the Silver City - straight from the source.  Your favorite local journalist, Timmy DiMartino.